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I.VOCABULARY,STRUCTURE,AND MORPHOLOGY:Fill in the blanks with the best choice and choose the right option in your answer sheet.

1.A journey of a thousand miles .... with a single step. a.begin b.is begun c.are beginning d.begins

2.Practice,preparation,punctuality procure predicted purpose,........ ? a.doesn't it b.don't they c.isn't it d.arern't they

3.You..... what you will sow. a.are reaping b.would reap c.will reap d.to reap

4. Does practice makes perfect? Yes..... a. they do b. it did c.it does d. practice does

5.In order to live we need faith,love,hope and insight,.........? a.don't you b.doesn't it c.isn't it d.don't we

6.Nature,time,patience ....... ..... three great physicians. a.is b.are c.was d.being

7.Continuity is the key of ....... a.succeed b.successive c.success d.succeeding

8. I cannot teach you anything ;I can only help you find ... ...... within yourself. a.you b.them c.its d.it

9. Your confidence in ...... makes your life. a.my b.her c.his d.yourself

10. One such a bird-a/an - .....- had spent its lifetime in a cage and had never flown under a natural sky. a.monkey b.warbler c.horse d.airplane

11. A man creates his own destiny by his thoughts, feelings, and actions,.......? a.create he b. does he c.doesn't a man d.doesn't he

12. Some say life is a song,so ..... it. a.sign b.play c.praise d.sing

13. Little drops make oceans, ......they? a.do b. don't c. aren't d.are

14. ..... process grows gradually not overnight. a.To learn b.learning c.learn d.learned

15.You perform better when your thoughts,feelings,emotions,goals and values ..... in balance. a.is b.are c.was d.be

16.Half of the food that....are serving to the guests is in the refrigerator. a.me b.them c.we d.us

17.Will you reap what you will sow? No,........ . a.you won't b.I won't c.I will not d.you will

18 .If anyother man ...... by one effort,you will use a hundred efforts. a.succeed b.succeeded c.succeeds d.are succeeded

19.The most ........ people are creative,disciplined,flexible and passionate about their work. a.success b.successful c.successfully d.succeed

2o.Money ..... everything except love,personality,immortality,silence and peace. a.buy b.buys c.is buying d.is bought

21.Be frank but not ..... a.certainly b.stubborn c.at all d.rude

22.Perseverance .... the most important ingredient in almost every success. a.does b.do c.is d.are

23. Happiness belongs to those ..... are contended. a.whose b.whom c.which d.who

24.Your wisdom ..... your relationships. a.decide b.decides c.to decide d.is decided

25.If you ..... my mind, my heart will follow. a.had captured b.captured c.would capture d.capture

26.Did Mina meet Milad? Yes,..... . a.she did b.he did c.Milad met d.Mina did

27. All human ..... have one or more of these seven causes: chance,nature,compulsion,habit,reason,passion and desire. a.action b.act c.actions d.active

28.James is talking to.... a.her b.he c.she d.they

29.What is John ...... ? a.did b.do c.does d.doing

30.Your confidence in yourself..... your life. a.make b.makes c.do d.does

31.A person or an animal that has been attacked.He/She is a/an ....... a.snare b.attach c.touch d.victim

32.The police ..... the thieves at a road block. a.trapped b.traps c.is trapping d.was trapping

33.The witnesses saw that most of the fire in the hills ..... extinguished. a.is b.was c.were d.are

34.I .... sure that all of the questions on the test were correct. a.are b.is c.were d.was

35. She did not know where most of the poeple in the room ..... from. a.were b.was c.are d.is

36.He got the work done by an expert,......he? a do b.don't c.didn't d.doesn't

37. The teacher is pleased ..... me. a.from b.in c.with d.to

38. My brother is good ..... mathematics. a.in b.at c.with d.by

39.Hearts like doors will .... with ease; to very very tiny keys. a.opens b.opening c.opened d.open

40.Proper prior planning ...... poor performance. a.prevent b.preventing c.are prevented d.prevents

41.A word that means almost the same as " do" its synonym is ....... a.ponder b.inquire c.analyze d.carry out

42. Something that is needed and has to be done, means.......... a.effort b.obtain c.sift d.necessary

43. She soon got to know the local customs and quickly ..... the language. a.master b.masters c.mastered d.is mastering

44.He failed ..... mathematics last year. a.from b.in c.with d.by

45.The financial directory ...... some proposals for funding our expansion. a.have b.has c.is d.are

46.The boys ..... to their school every day . a.walk b.walks c.are walked d.is walking

45.How ....... birds know when to migrate and how do they find their way back home? a.do b.does c.are d.is

46.A nematode is a ..... . a.tiny worm b.filament c.tiny knob d.fungus

47. Things that happen in a series. This sentence is definition of ...... a.nature b.succession c.images d.pleasure

II.CLOZE TEST:Fill in the blanks from 50 to 53 with the best choice and choose the right option in your answer sheet.

At the bottom of the....(50) lies a mighty continent still .....(51) in the Ice Age and .....(52)

recent times,unknown to ......(53).

50. a.wrapped b.world c.man d.until

51.a.wrapped b.world c.man d.until

52.a.wrapped b.world c.man d.until

53.a.wrapped b.world c.man d.until

III.Match words:

Match the items in column I with the items in column II and

choose the right option in your answer sheet.

I. II.

54.guide a.mostly b.verify c.enclosure d.lead

55.mainly a.mostly b.verify c.enclosure d.lead

56. cage a.mostly b.verify c.enclosure d.lead

57.prove a.mostly b.verify c.enclosure d.lead


God bless you and good luck,

Hussein Azizpour, 7 /July /2008,

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